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Online Programmes

If you’re already comfortable training yourself but need some extra guidance or would like to mix things up a bit, I can design you a personalised 12-week programme. 


Benefits of programme design 


  • Allows you to set goals and have something to work towards

  • Increases the likelihood of long-term adherence

  • All programmes are designed with progressive overload in mind. Ensuring your muscles are continually working harder than they’re used to is key if you want to see improvements in strength, performance and endurance

  • Prevents injuries and under or overtraining 

  • Ensures you’re training at the right level for your experience and goals

  • Provides structure to your workouts which leads to better results 

  • Makes life easy – simply follow what’s on your programme 


How do I get my personal training programme?


A consultation will need to take place to discuss and obtain the information I need to design your programme. 


It’s important that I know about any injuries and carry out some simple assessments so that I can design a programme safely. This will also provide us with an opportunity to discuss your goals and any areas you want to focus on. 


Consultations can be carried out in person or remotely. Once this has been done, I will design your 12-week programme which will be tailored to your current fitness levels, time availability and goals. If you have any questions while following your programme, you can contact me via text, email or phone. 

You will also have access to the My PT Hub app which will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. You will be able to view your workouts, watch instructional videos explaining how to complete exercises correctly, learn which muscles are being used, track nutrition, access recipes, add progress photos and measurements, message me and more. 

Programmes can be tailored for home or gym workouts

Complete flexibility - complete your workouts when you want

Support available while you complete your programme

Improve strength and performance through progressive overload

Access to the My PT Hub app 

Level 4

Personal Trainer

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