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Personal Training 

Programmes tailored to your goals 

Whether you want to build confidence, get stronger and fitter or increase mobility, a personal trainer can provide valuable support. Aside from helping you to achieve your goals, I will teach you the skills you need to maintain long-term habits. 


Working together


We all have different goals, motivations and barriers to exercise and your training programme should reflect this. 


In our initial consultation we will determine your current fitness levels, establish where you want to be and how we’re going to get you there. It is also important to identify your barriers to exercise. These stop you from committing to a programme and often include anything from a busy lifestyle to a lack of confidence or motivation. 


Once we’ve had a consultation, I will create a personalised programme for you. I do this based on the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model. Based on scientific evidence and principles, the model progresses individuals through five different training phases to ensure maximum results. The OPT Model has proved to be highly effective at helping clients of all ages and abilities to achieve their health, fitness and performance goals. 


Our sessions will be designed to fit in with your lifestyle and preferences. We can train at home, outside, in the gym or online. I can also train you individually or if you prefer to work out with a friend, they can join in too. 

All clients have access to the My PT Hub app. Here you will be able to view your workouts, watch instructional videos explaining how to complete exercises correctly, learn which muscles are being used, track nutrition, access recipes, add progress photos and measurements, message me and more. 


Exercise should be fun and leave you feeling great. With the right personal trainer, you will achieve your goals and enjoy the process.

Access to My PT Hub so you can reach your fitness goals

Sessions are designed to fit in with busy lifestyles

Someone by your side to keep you accountable

Avoid injuries, break through plateaus and reach goals

Learn the skills you need to maintain long-term habits

Level 4 Personal Trainer

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