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As an experienced personal trainer well-versed in the nuances of menopause, I understand the unique challenges that women face during this time.


Sessions are personalised to help you manage symptoms, maintain a healthy weight, boost energy levels and enhance overall wellbeing. My approach blends strength training and cardio with flexibility and balance, so you feel empowered to embrace this new chapter with confidence.


Whether you're aiming to improve bone health, muscle mass, strength, mental health or simply stay active during midlife and beyond, my dedicated support and expertise will assist you in achieving your goals. 


Together, we'll embark on a transformative fitness journey that prioritises your wellbeing and celebrates the strength and resilience of women in every phase of life.


Beyond the workouts, my coaching style is built on empathy, understanding, and a genuine commitment to your success. We'll not only focus on physical strength, but also on mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, ensuring a comprehensive and empowering fitness journey.

Monique PT - Personal Trainer, Windsor Berkshire
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